Prayers from the River

In the past week I’ve spent time with a bunch of hopeful dreamers, dirt covered hippies, and radical Jesus followers up in the mountains of Hot springs, North Carolina at the Wild Goose Festival reflecting on what it means to be a peacemaker and what this world could look like if we all embraced a radical positions of reconciliation, nonviolence, and holy interruption that we are all called to live out. After being back home for a few days now I can still say my heart is overwhelmed with all the beauty I was able to take in from such a short period of time. Unless you’ve experienced it for yourself Its hard to describe the way that total strangers on Thursday become family by Sunday, or the way that this four day convergence of misfits can impact you so profoundly. On Friday afternoon, just as the sun was really starting to heat things up I found myself sitting on a large rock in the middle of the French Broad river surrounded by cairns erected by other festival goers as a form of centering meditation. With my journal in hand and my heart overflowing I began to  scrawl out a prayer trying desperately to capture even a small piece of everything that was swirling around me and within me:

Lord, open my wounded heart

Break down the walls that I’ve built up for myself

Open my eyes to the path you would have me follow and light my way so that I may not stumble

I’ve been still for so long my legs wobble as a walk again for the first time

Amplify your voice oh Lord, so that I may hear you clearly

I long to feel your presence like those in the dark of night long for the light of day

Offer me your hand so that I may take it once more

I’ve stagnated Oh God, help me to move again

Help me to hear again,

Help me to see again

Set my sights upon you so that I may sing your praises

Forever and ever



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