An open letter/poem to the church

A plea to the church from a small goose

Please realize that we are so much more than four walls, stained glass, and a door
Realize we are not “sinners in the hand of a angry god”

Realize sand, oil, and nationalism aren’t much worth fighting war
But rather jesus died for the hungry, the naked, and the street corner whore
realize the tax collectors and prostitutes will enter before the religious elite
In fact we should really be washing their feet
Asking forgiveness for the times we passes them by
Or trying to remove the speck from their eye
rather than yelling and screaming at someone whos gay
Maybe just maybe we should love them anyway
Jesus came to set the captives free
And in fact he died for you and me
Not to save us from the wrath of father God above
But to demonstrate to us a fathers love
Oh hear my plea church filled with hate
We must repent from our ways before it’s too late
Embrace our own message our own God of love
Bring heaven down from up above


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